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Outpatient Joint Surgery Specialist

Herrick J. Siegel, MD

Total Hip and Knee Replacement Specialist located in Birmingham, AL

Thanks to minimally invasive surgical techniques and a better understanding of how patients heal, surgeons like Herrick J. Siegel, MD, are able to offer outpatient joint surgeries. At his practice, Dr. Siegel makes every effort to help his patients in Birmingham, Alabama, regain their function more quickly, which can often be accomplished through outpatient surgery. To learn more, call the office or request an appointment online.

Outpatient Joint Surgery

What is outpatient joint surgery?

Outpatient joint surgery is a procedure in which Dr. Siegel replaces your joint, either fully or partially, and sends you home on the same day.

Thanks to minimally invasive techniques, which reduce the amount of tissue damage, as well as a better understanding of how your body heals, outpatient procedures are becoming increasingly preferable.

This is largely due to the fact that orthopedic surgeons like Dr. Siegel understand that moving your body after surgery helps your body heal more quickly. By signaling your body that you need the function of that joint, it sends in more resources to speed up repairs. And there’s no better recovery resource than your own body.

What are the benefits of outpatient joint surgery?

Aside from speeding up your recovery, outpatient joint surgery with Dr. Siegel provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Reduced exposure to infection
  • Recuperating in the comfort of your own home
  • Less pain because of the minimally invasive techniques
  • Less blood loss
  • Earlier physical therapy

Ultimately, a hospital environment is for the sick, and you’re perfectly healthy despite a bum knee, elbow, shoulder, or hip. By getting you back to your normal life as soon as possible, you can thrive mentally and physically.

Is outpatient joint surgery right for me?

Outpatient surgery isn’t for everyone, and it’s only after a thorough evaluation by Dr. Siegel that you can be cleared for this approach. He considers several factors before he gives you the green light for outpatient surgery, including:

  • Absence of pre-existing medical conditions
  • Level of physical fitness
  • Your support network at home
  • Your mobility before the surgery

If you’re motivated for your recovery and you fit the bill physically, Dr. Siegel makes every effort to accommodate your wishes for an outpatient procedure.

And you’ll need to do your part to make sure that everything progresses smoothly. From adhering to your physical therapy to following the doctor’s instructions, you can navigate your recovery from home as long as you follow the prescribed program.

If you’d like to explore whether you’re a good fit for outpatient joint surgery, call the office or set up an appointment online for a consultation.