“Dr Siegel is an amazing doctor.  For 2 years I could not walk due to a compound fracture, that got infected with MRSA in 2002.  Three doctors refused me cause of my condition.  No that Dr Siegel has done my knee replacement I can live a normal healthy life.” -  Dawn E. Copeland

“I am very pleased with my new hip and thigh.  I am happy to be walking again and doing well.  The prosthetics may be large but it is what I needed to get back on my feet.  Thank you so much Dr. Siegel. “ -  Jennifer J. Cummings

“I feel like he cares for his patients.  He listens to what I have to say about what’s going on with my problem.  He is a very good doctor and he knows what he is doing.” –Shane Adams

“Dr. Siegel and staff are very thorough.  They answer and invite questions.  I am extremely pleased with everyone’s care.  Dr. Siegel is so good that it’s hard to get an appointment.” –Harianne Rose

“I think that the service’s that I have received at UAB Highlands is exceptional.  The staff is efficient and courteous.  The job that was done on my knee by Dr. Siegel was exceptional.  I would recommend him to anybody that’s having or thinking about having knee surgery.  He’s courteous and thorough.  I am very pleased with results of my surgery.”  -Adal S. Knight

“Office is very efficient.  Workers are very courteous.  Dr Siegel is very helpful.  Tells you what he is going to do. “ – Mary E. Gaines

“The TKR was a 80/20 success in my case my all day everyday pain was decreased and my quality of line has improved due to thereplacement.  Before TKR could only walk short distances, after I now coach my son’s soccer and baseball teams.” – Jason Stephens

“I have both of my hips replaced by Dr. Siegel and have had NO pain or problems since day of surgery.  Needed NO pain meds after either.  Have been back to active lifestyle.  Have told others about my experience.” –Walter Hamlin

“Think you have done a wonderful job on my shoulder replacements feel  like you have gave me a new life because I had some about as far as I could, thank you so much.” – Lewis Shirley

“My overall experience has been very positive.  My second hip replacement was much easier than my first.  The nurses were wonderful last week during my stay.  Follow the instructions of the hospital staff.  Very important to follow the instructions of your physical therapist.  Dr. Siegel took excellent care of me.” – Michael R Bentley

“I couldn’t imagine a more positive outcome!  I was walking normally at 5 weeks after a total hip replacement.  They say you’re one the best…. I’m convinced!” – Paul Chambers

“Caring, attentive, very clean, world class doctor, outstanding clinical care, excellent assistants.” - David A. Larsen

“Very pleased with Dr. Siegel and staff.  Everyone is nice and caring.  I would recommend Dr. Siegel to anyone.” –Cary White

“Very professional, straight forward with answering questions, great surgeon (from me and others outside the UAB family)” – Janice Vincent, RN

“So far so good.  Dr. Siegel is the best.” – Patrick Kennedy

“Dr Siegel was able to save my arm after I was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma.  He is a master in the field of limb salvage technique.  I highly recommend him for any orthopaedic need.  His staff is very professional and helpful.   My experiences have been great.” – Preston Tyler Stovall

“I have been really pleased how everyone has taken care of me. The doctors and nurses have a great attitude.  That was very important to me.  If I ever have to be put in the hospital I would want to be here.”  -Shari Foster

“Everything went well just as Dr. Siegel said it would”  - Willie Yancy

“I had a total knee replacement 3 years ago and it’s been a job working back to myself on my knee.   Going to UAB Orthopedic has helped me so much and I got the right treatment.”  Stella Blackmon

“Gets right to the point, no sugar-coating.  Great doctor!  The only doctor ever to give me their email address.  He responded to my questions with 10 minutes of emailing him.” – Edward L. Higgins

“Dr Siegel is a very good doctor, very helpful… He seems to care a great deal for his patients.  If I know of anyone who needs an orthopaedic surgeon I would recommend him and his staff.  They are very friendly and caring.  I am pleased with the care that I have received since I have been coming to Dr. Siegel.” – Lillie Ann Jenkins

“Very pleased with care.  Post op pain management was big positive!! Looking forward to second stage surgery and resumption of active lifestyle.” –John Cobb

“Very good doc.  Fighting cancer.  Doc always goes above and beyond.  I have been very impressed with him.” – Gary R Cromwell

“Dr. Siegel is always posiive and always answers the questions that I have.” – Erika Guthrie

“The staff at UAB Highlands is very nice.  Wonderful place for healthcare.”  - Carylon E Smith

“I just love Dr. Siegel!!  And his staff!- Judy Swain

“Always professional, short wait times, are appointment goes quickly… courteous staff” – Philip N. Smith

“Excellent surgeon-no complications following patella surgery.”  Lyle Hohnke

“I could not be more satisfied with the results of my hip replacement.  It is amazing to me that I can walk completely pain free.  Dr. Siegel and his staff are very professional, efficient and I would highly recommend him and UAB.  Thanks!!” – Esther Kathryn Jones

“I was finally glad to find Dr. Siegel to my hip fixed, and now my knee.  The hip replacement went great.  Great doctor.  Thank you so much! – Mary A. Courington

“A positive and conservative interaction – A willingness to listen and to work toward the best outcome”-Denis Catalano